Vuccirihouse Home in Palermo


Welcome to our Homes Vuccirihouse: Genio & Cervantes


Our apartments are located in Via dei Frangiai, on the first floor of an historic 18th century building in Palermo, Italy. On one side of the building, between two windows, there is the well-known Coat of Arms which is dedicated to Charles II of Spain, Sovereign of the Kingdom of Sicily from 1665 to 1700. Our holiday homes are in the heart of the ancient and picturesque “Vucciria” Market, a source of inspiration for artists and painters such as Renato Guttuso. Enjoy Palermo's nightlife in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods this breathtaking city can offer.

Only a few steps from our holiday apartments, you can discover Corso Vittorio Emanuele (also known as "The Cassaro"), one of the two most ancient Palermo's urban streets, which runs through the entire city, starting from Porta Nuova, where you can admire the beauty of the Cathedral of Palermo (UNESCO protected site), to Porta Felice which frames sea side of the astonishing Foro Italico.


Our first home, Casa del Genio, is right in front of the Garraffo square where the statue of "Genio di Palermo", tutelary deity of the city, watches over and protect citizens in the Vucciria Market.

Looking out from our second home, Casa del Cervantes, you can admire the Church of Sant Eulalia and all the typical shops of the Vucciria Market.